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Lodging Newsletter November 1st, 2013

By William May
Published: 11/01/13 Topics: Lodging Newsletter Comments: 0

A heads up - We are working to finish up NorthwestSkiers.com.

Long ago the predecessor of our PlumbobPublishing.com business, bought the print Northwest Skier Magazine. Now we're making it an Online Only magazine. It will be news and information for Skiers and Snowboarders and a great promotional tool for our rentals in snow areas.

I have taken the liberty of including staff names there, and those of you in Mountain Communities are listed as Correspondents. What does this mean?

Well - - keep your eyes open for ski news and, if you know someone interested, we are looking for volunteer writers, photographers and video makers. And the website just might give you a chance to meet prospective property owners.

Please visit the and taNorthwestSkiers.com websitetake a look. If you were not included and want to me, just let me know.

Author: William May – Manager, Plumbob Publishing
Blog #: 0316 – 11/01/13

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