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Lodging Newsletter December 9th, 2013

By William May
Published: 12/09/13 Topics: Lodging Newsletter Comments: 0

Here is your periodic update for data, information, tips and techniques. Please keep a copy of these updates and send me your ideas for future updates.


William May


CHILLY CHILLY: Its that time of year for cold days and colder nights. Regardless of the time of year, a manager or housekeeper is to visit every home on the day of, or the day before, guest arrivals to complete a "Check Up." Often that just means walking through to make sure everything is correct. If it has been long between guests, it may be necessary to upgrade the trip to a "Freshen" by dusting and straightening up the house. Always the house heat should be turned on to take off the chill. (AC temp turned down in summer) And the porch light must be left on. Please do not skip Checkups because guests will call and scream at staff members making it very uncomfortable. If you don't have give us a call - maybe its time to hire someone to do it.

TECH NEWS: Just in case you notice this, here is technical news you might need. In certain websites, Universal Content (Such as news, newsletters, FAQ's) can be joined to one or more domains and displayed on the matching website. In some cases the domains/websites are not real but used as a way for data to appear on sub-pages within a different website. These Domains are called Placeholders. For example, on Vrai.org the Leaders.asp page determines its content from Users joined to VRAmembers. To distinguish between regular domains and placeholder domains we are now using domain extension of " . Place" instead of the regular extension such as .com. For example VRAmembers.place, could display News only visible to Association members. If you see such a domain, remember it is NOT a actual live website and can not be viewed in a browser.

MANIFEST PHOTOS: It happens frequently that an owner, guest or staff member needs to discuss a small detail of a home with the Reservations Crew. Most questions are easy to answer, but sometimes we wish we had X-Ray vision and could inspect the home from many miles away (Kind of like Superman.) All we want to know is what the thermostat looks like, or which way the door know turns. Crazy really, but we need to know some of these things. Rather than trying to write a boring list of very properties eccentricities - there is a better way. When homes are photographed for advertising we will now start doing "Manifest" photos of every nook and cranny in the place. Then we'll be able to see those photos if they are ever need them.

From now on, we'll be doing Manifest photos on all new properties, and getting them on existing properties when in the area. Here is a list of the kind of things we need to be able to "see" if the need arises.

- The inside of the refrigerator and freezer

- Inside of cabinets, with doors open. Kitchen, bathroom, store rooms.

- Inside of garage and any outside storage closets or buildings.

- Inside of fireplaces and wood stoves.

- Underside of sinks to display pipes.

- Backside of toilets, showers

- Lighting fixtures up close. (labeled by room)

- Furnaces & Air Conditioning units.

- Thermostats & Controls

- Stereos, TV's, DVD's & Cable/satellite controls close up.

- Underside of decks and patios.

- Roofs as best can be seen or photographed.

- Behind TV's, couches, etc.

- Both sides of Doors. Locks (Close ups)

- All furniture, front and back.

- Mattresses without coverings.

- All areas of the yard & Driveway.

- The view from the property out in all directions

- Photos of neighbor buildings from the property.

- Roads as they approach the property.

Author: William May – Manager, Plumbob Publishing
Blog #: 0327 – 12/09/13

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