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Lodging Newsletter April 13th, 2015

By Wm, May
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I must admit I have been silent. Some would say - for me - it is strangely silent. Yea?

Now I hope to get back on schedule to keep all our valuable colleagues up to date. Because some pretty nice things have been happening. I'll post a list below.

But please do me a favor - respond to this email with the words "Got It" so I know you received it.


Ocean Shores - In November we officially purchased the Ocean Shores Reservation company.( It was started in 1964 which means (I presume) we have now been in business 50 years. The company is being rebranded with our existing business - On April 1st we were very lucky to be able to purchase the publishing business. It is being redesigned and will be selling advertising to everyone in town.

Jackie Martin - I am happy to report that Jackie Martin has rejoined our company as Ocean Shores property manager. She is a property management expert having worked with us in a number of locations, most recently at winter of 2014. Do you know how nice it is to have a 100% reliable and cheerful person in Ocean Shores? Thanks Jackie.

Michael Bradham - After working casually with us in the Port Angeles area, Michael has relocated to Ocean Shores as the new General Manager/Partner. In just the first few months he has already brought in dozens of new properties, and worked with OSR properties for upgrades and greater marketing. He brought his lovely daughter - Audrey - age six with him and is busy meeting everyone on the North Beaches.

Trina Flanagan - We were lucky to have found Trina to handle operations in the Westport, Grayland area. The homes are cleaner than ever and she is fast to respond. ( We have some additional new team members in Ocean Shores and Westport and will provide introductions in the next Insider Email Newsletter.

Nick Warner - Already a successful business man in Wenatchee, Nick has become the General Manager/Partner for Leavenworth, Chelan and Crescent Bar. (,, and soon a new brand for Crescent Bar.)

Jessica Vance - She will be helping Nick extensively with owners and particularly in the Leavenworth area. She will work closely with Deresa Norman and her crew including Summer Hall.

Mark Root - Lives in Anacortes the ideal location for him to enroll and manage property owners in the Anacortes (, Whidbey Island ( ) and Camano Island areas (

Nathaniel Jumper - Is now working with us to build target lists of second home owners and local finders in every market. More about that below.

Local Mailers - With Nathaniel's help, our wonderful new snail mailing system (Designed by Ozair Khalid) is jamming out lots of introductions to owners, finders, real estates and everyone in Ocean Shores. And mail is soon going out for Anacortes, Leavenworth, Chelan.

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
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