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Lodging Update May 31st, 2016

By Wm. May
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Is summer everyone's favorite time of the year? It is for us.

Guest and owners coming and going, glorious sunshine (most days), warmer weather and then there is the 4th of July with watermelon, s'mores and lots of fun.

Of course many of us will be out cleaning and maintaining houses, responding to guests and - in general - just staying on top of things. Phones are open everyday of the year if you need something.

My thanks to our wonderful staff who have to work on the holiday, never complain and seem to always be smiling.

And in the glorious time of year let's all remember to be kind and considerate. Happy 4th of July to you and yours.

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We know you have choices when it comes to property managers so how about we run some of the newest and great things we bring to every property. (Sorry about the plug.)

On the job - So on this glorious 4th of July weekend our ace staff are working diligently to make every guest and owner vacation a fun filled time. (We take a few days off after!)

Help Desk - Being open everyday of the year, owners and guests can get a live person on the phone for questions, maintenance requests or other needs. They dispatch staff to take care of issues and keep track of the details.

Dynamic Rates - Just like hotels and airlines, rates fluctuate by time of year, day of week, upcoming events and other variables. In seasonal markets, unfortunately there will always be slow seasons so we help you get maximum income during the high seasons. Even then, rates can vary daily. Our algorithm is better so owners make more money.

Listing Websites -,, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and other listing websites are essential and most of our properties are on 300 or more of those places. (Yikes.) Many charge fees, but filling every possible date requires cooperation with these giant influencers. Rest assured, we advertise farther and wider than anyone you can find.

Phone Sales - Even with instant online bookings from our own website and outside listing websites, we speak to guest personally to ensure the booking is a good fit for the property, for the owner and for the guest. Its extra work that the others guys shirk. We call it being careful.

Dynamic Range - Online guests give each listing only a 1 second look and grabbing their attention with amazing Dynamic Range photos is the only way to do it. We have been leaders in HDR for 10 years and the other guys don't understand it and don't invest in it. Too bad for their clients.

Houdini Websites - We create individual websites for each vacation rental home and every Inn or Resort, along with our local business websites. Through an affiliate we access numerous local tourism "feeder" websites. Other managers fail to do this.

Out Cleans - This is the time of year when homes receive frequent "Out" cleans after guests depart and before the next guest arrives. Sometimes this is the same day and housekeepers hustle to "turn" the home. Most of our housekeepers have been here for years which is why our homes are cleaner than others.

Profile - Deresa Norman, a housekeeper operations manager, is just about to celebrate her 10th year with us. An early riser, we have found Deresa cleaning houses before the sun rises (And well into the night too.)

In fact, Deresa is so good and so courteous to work with, other housekeepers around our group just love being trained by her. We are lucky to have her. Longevity provides great stability and very clean homes. Other firms pay low wages and get low results.

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0536 – 05/31/16
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