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Lodging Update August 31st, 2016

By Wm. May
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As we head into autumn, and then winter it is time to cover some basic information. Property owners have question and we have answers. In fact we have better answers than the other manager guys.

Perhaps you have met or talked with many of our staff members. But did you know there are many specialists behind the scene, working diligently to meet your goals?

Some are assigned to keep every home safe and clean. Some assist guests to arrive, enjoy their stay and depart happy. Some answer the phones rapidly all day long. Some work in dark rooms keeping the servers and technology humming. Others count and recount the money, sending it on its way.

There are more details to that seemingly simple job than can be imagined. We have mastered them all but are always looking to learn more. It would take a year to tell you about everything we do all year.

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Questions and Answers:

When are phones open? The help desk is 9AM to 7pm, sometimes longer on weekends and high seasons. We try to close for Christmas but guests are renting so we work if they need us.

What about the business office? It's open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Call the main number and ask.

Can I call after hours? Yes. Please do so only for emergencies or urgent matters. Allow time for call back.

Can I call my manager directly? It is better to call the help desk, who can find personnel, answer questions or schedule a call back.

Managers do not work every day of course, and work irregular days and hours.

How do I block dates from renting? Every owner has a private logon dashboard to block or unblock dates. Or, you can always telephone. If you don't know your logon, call us.

What if there are damages? We try to notice even small things, but not everything is instantly noticeable.

Who builds your websites? Our ace in-house tech staff create all websites and those have full ecommerce capability - which allows us to do more and react quicker to lodging trends.

Who takes those superb pictures? That would be the super photographers Joe, Noel and Jon.

Houdini - We even create a website for every home. No one else can do this either. So we get more bookings.

How many websites do you advertise on? Over 300. On many, dates and rates are automatically updated whenever a new booking arrives. This prevents double-bookings and problems.

Do you use the big ones? Yes. AirBnb has become big. Plus VRBO, HomeAway, Trip Advisors, Expedia and more. The list grows all the time.

Do those websites charge fees? Yes, and that trend is growing. We cover some of those costs through association websites plus we mark-up retail rates to offset some of those costs.

Why don’t all managers advertise so much? Well it is a lot of work and a lot of money. But, that is the only way to get maximum bookings.

Owners using other managers lose out.

Do you get return visitors? Of those, many have stayed in every destination within our group. They like our services. We like to make them happy.

When are homes cleaned? We try to inspect each home after guest departures, the same day or within a day or two. Cleaning is often done then, but the home may be visited several times to finish the job.

Do you clean after owners stay? At owners request, yes. Even if owners do their own cleans we like to double-check.

Why are deep cleans necessary? Regular out-cleans cover all the basics, but homes get dirty everywhere. When was the last time you cleaned the tank of your toilet? Yes guests do look and complain about such silly stuff.

What about deep cleans? We survey homes twice a year, spring and fall, to recommend improvements and deep cleans.

Can owners do their own deep cleans? Sure. Just let us know when it's complete or we'll get it done for you.

How can slow season sales be grown? We outbound email, answer phones and often have specials, discounts and promotions. We probably work harder for sales in winter than in summer.

When should homes be upgraded? With the fast changing demands of vacation rental guest.

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Profile: She is a life long super Oregon Duck fan. Kylee Genett started in reservations with unbridled enthusiasm taking difficult shifts and never flagging in her energy. She has now become a go-to person for bookkeeping, accounting, and all things money. What would we do without her? How do we always seem to be so lucky to get such great people?

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0538 – 08/31/16
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