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Lodging Update December 31st, 2016

By Wm. May
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We are thankful for the hot weather, sometimes for cooler weather and for all the guests who have chosen our properties over everyone else this summer.

We are thankful for the amazing staff who work day and night, weekdays and weekends to keep the summer bookings chugging along, selling reservations, cleaning homes, maintaining advertising and websites, answering guest and owner questions and dealing with lots of pesky issues. Some homes require a bit more love than others.

We are thankful to all our property owner clients who allow us to offer their homes to the public and who understand the intricacy of doing what appears to be a seemingly simple industry. Walk a mile in our shoes as they say.

This month's update is about what it takes to friendly and helpful when dealing with the public. It's our job and we enjoy it although some days we enjoy it more than others.

Thanks for working with us.

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Remember this quote, "People in glass houses should not throw stones"?

A very wise comedian once said, actually "No one should throw stones"

Last month's letter was about being thankful for all we have. This month's letter is about how we are always helpful, friendly and hospitable by not throwing stones.

INTEGRITY: Lodging is a retail business where every consumer can buy our product and a few of those people are - shall we say - difficult to deal with. Thankfully most vendors and owners are courteous and kind just as we like to be in return.

We want to always be friendly, helpful and cheerful, even when we have to get out of bed and drive to homes to deal with unpleasant things, like toilets in the middle of the night. (Yuck!)

We do not swear, call names, make-fun or show disrespect. We hire folks who can be courteous and considerate, even if others are not. That is a rare skill that requires training, discussion and clear commitment.

PERFECT TRIP: We do understand that travelers want their vacations to be perfect. Better than imagined, superlative, extraordinary. So when it rains or local events are cancelled, or they can't get an early check-in, they become bothered usually for things beyond anyone's control.

We understand their behavior is often the result of other unrelated personal issues. They are unhappy in love, in their jobs or have other issues finding it convenient to transfer their problems to others.

Everyone has an E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) just like they have an I.Q. The scores vary, and we can't expect everyone to act as maturely as we must. No matter the cause of a guest's misbehavior, we understand and show mercy, even when that is not the natural feeling. Of course every good hospitality business does this. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

HELPING: There are times when it is necessary to be very straight-forward and firm, such as when someone demands the impossible, or wants decisions not in their best interest.

It is during those times, that our wonderful staff earn their gold stars by being kind, considerate, helpful, cheerful and good people. We can only hope for the same in return.

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PROFILE: Jackie Martin lives at the beach. She loves it there. Small community, loads of visitors and many homes for her to clean, maintain and upgrade. Jackie's greatest strength is her unfailing happiness, positive attitude and non-stop energy. She is indispensable, loyal and always ready to help every owner and guest.

Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
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