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Who Owns Your Property? - Lodging Newsletter April 30th, 2019

By Wm, May
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So who owns your property really? The answer may surprise you.

Vacation Rentals have been around forever, going back in time even longer than hotels. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson rented a vacation rental when he wrote the Declaration of Independence? Of course, they weren't called that then, but people often rented private homes for short stays.

The operation and growth of lodging has gone through many, many changes over the years but it has only been since the advent of the Internet that the pace has skyrocketed.

Recently, we saw a small condominium building and a remote resort hire one of those out-of-town national lodging companies to manage their rentals. Unfortunately both property owners allowed that company to take advantage of them by dropping their brand name and coopting guest relations for themselves.

This month we'll emphasize why owners should care about owning the operations, reputation, and marketing for their homes; and how our a-la-carte programs allow owners to do just that by deciding how they want their property managed.

One size does not fit all.


Owners of every Inn, Resort and Vacation Rental work to offer unique and wonderful properties and when they hire a management firm a big question is "Does that manager promote themselves or do they focus on the property?"

We are proud of our company and staff members who work so diligently for owners. We offer the best of both worlds - local management businesses that provide stellar hands on assistance, with a back-office of advertising, marketing, reservations, and accounting that the big guys can't match.

Everyone in the industry needs to admit that first-time guests pick the property and not the manager. Property owners should be wary of the big-mouthed management companies who take center stage at the expense of their personal homes visibility.

Of course guests demand that homes to be hospitality clean, that services be instantly available and that their trip be hassle free. Only local on-site business management owners meet those goals and provide long-term continuity that returning guests cite repeatedly as to why they book again and again through us.

Online Travel Agents such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and others act like giant catalogues making it easy for guests to browse and pick the very best home for their needs. While other managers list homes on a few OTAs, we advertise every home on hundreds because, to do anything less, would decrease demand, lower rates, and result in less income to owners.

Even within those mammoth OTAs, properties that we market stand out with more and better creative techniques than anyone else.

Yes, those steps cost us more, but we are able to so while charging clients less because we are small, nimble and industrious. No one can match our "Perfect Touch: Dynamic range photos, walk through 3D tours, color floor plans, brand names, logos, and graphics.

To offset some of the OTA costs, our content heavy regional websites attract guests who book directly with us. We also build regional tourism websites, plus we create an impressive e-commerce website for every home and property.

For Inns and Resorts, we retain their brand name by building sumptuous websites that feature them and them alone. They keep their reputation and brand name, we just help operate it behind the scenes.

Most important, we go the extra mile with all of those tasks to promote every home first to guests, and to only take the stage when the guest wants to know that we are reliable, trustworthy, and helpful.

Our first office opened in 1964 so our locations are staffed with long tenured professional adults. To these wonderful people, long ago we have added website wizards, deft database programmers, agile advertising people, adroit accountants, and happy reservation pros.

Our goal is very simple - to help every owner achieve maximum income with minimum fuss. We do that with full-service programs or a-la-carte fitting our service to what owners want and need. All because the needs of the property must come first.

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0664 – 04/30/19
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