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Quick Tips - Lodging Newsletter May 31st, 2019

By Wm, May
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We love to talk with property owners and other people about our craft. In fact we encourage questions and education.

However explaining what we do has risks because, we never know if the owner just wants the short simple answer that we have spent decades mastering.

Or do they want to learn the details, the minutiae of how we arrived at the answer, what other facts were considered, and how we reached our conclusion.

Sometimes they want to know the policies, procedures and standards we have devised to master a topic. Sometimes they want to suggest alternatives or new ideas.

Our success has stemmed from grabbing good ideas wherever we find them, and quickly adapting to changes and improvements; but in explaining it all we try to avoid the "pocket watch" syndrome.

When you ask the time do you just want to know (1) the hour and minute? Or (2) do you want to know how the watch was designed, manufactured, assembled, and how it works?

This month's letter takes the first approach as we jot down some of the repetitious questions we get with the simple answers that we know to be true.

Here are yes/no questions you might want to know.


- How many hours does it take to self manage? Experts say 520 hours per year.

- Will I make more money self-managing? No.

- Why would I self manage? You need an unpaid hobby.

- Should I limit occupancy in my place? Absolutely.

- What produces the most bookings? Advertising on hundreds of websites.

- Should every home have its own website? Yes, and we provide that.

- Why are your photos so spectacular? Expert photographers using HDR.

- Why are 3D tours used? Guests want to see what they are renting.

- Why do you work 24-7? If not you would make less money.

- Who pays for guest cleanings? The guest does.

- How many sets of towels-linens do I need? At least 2, preferably 3.

- Will towels and linens wear out? Yes, over time.

- Who does deep cleaning? We do or owners do, at their choice.

- Can I just use part of your services? Yes, we offer full-service or a-la-carte.

- If I put in a hot tub, will I make more money? Yes, much more.

- Is a hot tub cleaning fee charged? Yes.

- Will allowing dogs get more bookings? Yes, more bookings & higher rates

- Should cats be allowed? Never.

- Should a dog cleaning fee be charged? Yes.

- Will I make more money if I handle advertising myself? No.

- How do I find a good cheap housekeeper? You can't.

- Are background checks performed on housekeepers? We do them on all staff.

- Do your staff members receive training? Yes and on a continuing basis.

- Can you help me furnish my home. Yes, we know what works.

- What happens if there is damage? We require guest damage insurance.

- If I sell my house, must future bookings be honored? Yes.

- Who pays the credit card costs? The guest does.

- What rates should I charge? Rates must be very dynamic.

- Do guests call after hours for services? Yes, and we answer them all.

- Can I fill my house by using AirBnB? It’s good, but not enough.

- Do VRBO, AirBnB, etc. charge commissions? Yes.

- How can I avoid them? You can not, but we can minimize them.

- Why do you advertise on those "Online Travel Agents"? They make you money.

- Do you mark-up rates, to cover OTA fees? Yes.

- Can I cancel bookings after guests make them? No.

- What happens if I do cancel bookings? Your home could get blacklisted.

- Do you collect and pay lodging taxes? Yes.

- Why are lodging taxes not shown on my statement? They belong to the state.

- Can guests request a "Chargeback" on credit cards? Yes.

- Do they need a good reason? No.

- Do you try to reverse those? Always.

- Are reversals successful? Usually, but not always.

- Must I get a permit to rent? In some areas, but not most places.

- Do I need special rental insurance? Yes. We can recommend agents.

- How do guests get into my rental? Keysafes, electronic locks, or front desk.

- Do you have more answers? Boy do we. Thousands.

- Do owners need to learn it all? No, we'll do all the work. Just ask.

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0671 – 05/31/19
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