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Dispatch Magic - Lodging Newsletter August 31st, 2019

By Wm, May
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After a high flying summer filled with non-stop guests, cleans, questions, maintenance, repetitious housekeeping, and services; we must admit it’s been a blast. After a quick deep breath we are still running on all cylinders.

I went to a convenience store one day at almost midnight, and was surprised to find the clerk locking up, and turning off the lights, ready to head home.

I said, "Hey, what's the deal? Your sign says open 24 hours a day!"

"Yes", said the clerk, "But not in a row, you moron!"

Ah ha, that's the vacation rental industry too - a 24/7 career that needs hands-on, non-stop attention. Guests demand it and we provide it to properties. Of course, we need a day off every now and then.

If you called or emailed us this summer only to find that we were out handling business, or getting a days respite from our 80 hour work weeks, this letter will give you a better idea why.

Owners hire us to take care of properties, advertise like crazy, talk incessantly on the phone, and generate lots of money for them especially during the high seasons.

So in this months letter, how about we provide tips on how to help us help you for the best possible outcome.


Help us help you by reading the ins and outs of what has become a very intricate intense industry.

BUSINESS: Once your home starts renting it becomes a bonafide business. Expect to make business decisions not personal ones, such as allowing your manager to manage and spend their time running the business more than talking about it.

HELP DESK: Call our main phone number with questions or requests. You will be tempted to contact your manager directly, but calling the help desk ensures requests are forwarded to the best person to handle what you need, even if your manager is off duty.

PHONE: Although you may love texting or emailing, we respectfully require owners to telephone the help desk instead. We are open long hours everyday of the year. After hours, you can leave a message that will be heard the next day. If you have a real emergency, there is a phone option to reach a real, live human being.

PRIORITY: Less urgent requests will have to be started after we've tended to the duties you hired us to do. We like talking with owners, when it does not slow down our work for you.

SCHEDULES: The never ending pace of managing leaves little time for less urgent matters, so please allow us to respond or act on non-management requests as time permits. Please be patient.

CRY WOLF: Sorry to say, but not every request is an emergency. If it is truly urgent just say so, but if its routine or - dare I say even unimportant - please allow us to get to it after we take care of your business.

BLOCKS: Be sure to block out dates you want early and unblock them if things change. We get paid by hustling for bookings and we want to send you the most money. You can log-on to block dates yourself, or call the help desk anytime.

EDUCATION: We want every owner to be well informed and will keep you posted with letters like this, but unless you have years to study this pesky career, accepting our experienced judgment is the top way to profit.

SUPPLY & DEMAND: As more guests discover vacation rentals, more homes enter the market. Supply and demand can ebb and flow. There is no guarantee of success but allowing us to focus on your rental business increases your chance of success.

THANKS: Nah, there is no need to compliment the staff, but as our hero Coach Fred Crowell says, "Encouragement is like oxygen." You can't live without it and neither can we. Being thankful for all the good things, earns the right to questions anything that sounds wrong. We will remember to reciprocate.

MESSENGER: Whatever arises with your rental, we will take care of details and not interrupt you with minor issues. Should it be necessary to call your with unpleasant things, please don't shoot the messenger. That just makes it more difficult to help.

So, are these tips a little selfish on our part? Does all of this make sense? It's all with the intent of providing tip-top property service and the best income for your property.

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0684 – 08/31/19
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