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What Guests Want - Lodging Newsletter September 30th, 2019

By Wm, May
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This month's letter is intended to be a marketing 101 primer for everyone who wants to know more about marketing, advertising, and public relations.

What makes our lodging managers think they are such hot shots about the marketing anyway?

Simply put, some of our partners have spent decades helping clients sell millions and millions of dollars of stuff, and we know our stuff.

Oh sure our explanation could be lengthy and include a lot of fancy words, but whether selling clothes, groceries, soda pop, yachts, or nights at a vacation rental, the process is exactly the same.

One of our partners said it best. "Marketing is easy. Ask customers what they want and then give it to them."

This update is all about that - giving customers what they want. Plus we'll sneak in a little about how we do it and how the competitors don’t.

Why would we publish this when competitors could learn the secrets? Because it's not a secret and they won't do it all anyway. We double dog dare them.


The only trouble we have with giving customers what they want, so we can produce absolute maximum income for owners is pleading with and even begging owners to do the little things necessary. Here is what guests want:


Hospitality clean - Yep we can do that for you. Guests absolutely want that.

Hospitality maintenance - Fix everything, all the time and quickly. Guests expect it.

Personal - When the guests call, we gotta go take care of them. Guests require it.

Personality - Answer the phone with a genuine smile, or guests will bristle.

Photos - Crisp HDR photos help guests choose. Guests want to see.

3D Tours - The best in the industry. Guests want to see everything.

Floor plans - Professional water colors, so guests can plan who sleeps where.

Website - Custom e-commerce website for each property to help guests return.

24/7 Bookings - Online, phone, chat, and email. Guests book when they want.

24/7 Service - Onsite at any time, we take care of guests or we lose out.

Visible - Advertise on 400+ websites, with dates and rates. Guests find us everywhere.

Social - Posting, commenting, and cooperating. Guests want to interact.

Materials - Rack cards, postcards, bookmarks, etc. prove legitimacy to guests.

Payment - Credit cards, payment plans, occasional incentives that guess want.

Dependable - No double bookings. Guests expect no errors when booking.

Returnees - Extra benefits for loyal guests. Keeps happy guests happy.

Dynamic Rates - Up and down by many factors. Guests accept variability.


Internet - 49% of guess say no internet wrecks their vacation. Gotta give it to them.

Cable - Gotta have a big TV and cable. Guest don’t book homes without it.

Hot Tubs - Number one requested amenity. Guests can not resist them.

Leftovers - Don’t slough off your used furniture. Guests hate that.

Design - Comfy chairs, quality tables, books, and mattresses. Guests demand comfort.

Color - Creative paint colors, art, and throw pillows, Guests are impressed.

Sleeps - The more beds, the better, with night stands and lamps. Guests read.

Luxurious - Quality towels and linens, replaced regularly. Otherwise guests seethe.

Furnishings - Lots of pots, pans, flatware, and tableware. Guests cook a lot.

Outdoors - Patios, decks, and yes that hot tub. Guests want to lounge.

Now that we see this list, it doesn't seem so very difficult does it? Just follow the list, do your thing and let us do ours. A winning combination.

Marketing is easy, give customers what they want. But will you?

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0705 – 09/30/19
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