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Good Manners - Lodging Newsletter November 30th, 2019

By Wm, May
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Here is a story from one of our team members:

It seems the on-demand TV service had just stopped working for the sixth time in a month. When we called telephone support, the technician tried the usual fixes with no luck.

Nicely, our team member, said "Gee this is getting old, is there nothing you can do for the $200 per month I am paying for cable, internet and phone?"

The technician said, "Well you get the on demand for free so you should not be complaining."

Really? That is not only bad customer service, it's actually just plain old bad manners.

This is coming from a company who boasts of 1 Gigabyte "blazing" internet speed that, by the way, never even approaches half of that. Are there no laws requiring truth in advertising?

The seminal Emily Post book: "Etiquette, first published in 1922 is more than which fork to use at a dinner party, and more about conducting ourselves with grace and dignity.

It can be difficult to remain cool, calm , and collected especially when guests are difficult. This months article is how we affirm the people we "are trying to be," and that includes treating everyone well, especially when it is most difficult to do so.


What a lovely, enjoyable industry we are in. Tens of thousands of guests going to thousands of unique and interesting vacation rental homes, Inns, Resorts and other specialty lodging.

They find them more comfortable and more enjoyable than those run-of-the-mill brand name hotels, which are all fancy and not very homey.

They are happy, which allows us to be happy.

Long ago, a renowned hotel operator gave a talk. No matter how well his property and people performed, he admitted there will always be a very few of those "unsatisfiable guests."

He concluded that good manners were always required, even if the other people had no manners. He had to judge staff members on their ability to always display good manners, and, he was sorry to say with guests who were disrespectful.

As we go about our duties, it is our goal to always be happy, be kind, and be cheerful. We want to treat everyone with great respect and courtesy, as if they are a long-lost best friend.

That means we try to never lose our tempers, never accuse anyone of anything, never complain and never take our stress out on anyone else.

We want to smile, and display professional, positive attitudes no matter the situation. Even when guests are overly demanding we treat them kindly. Even when the workload is overwhelming, we want to smile and persevere. We hope to always be polite.

We try not to make excuses. We don't want to blame anyone for anything. Even if we have to explain facts that are unpleasant, we try to do that with integrity. And if there are problems? Well, the best solution is to just put our heads down, work harder and be thankful for the customers to serve.

Of course, we are human and maintaining an upbeat attitude can be difficult sometimes.

We also have to be patient. Not all Romes can be built in a day, but we persevere to provide help and answers in a reasonable time frame. Demanding others to do everything immediately is a character flaw.

Rarely - when others are overbearing, rude or profane we prefer to end conversations rather than accelerate them. People who make threats, are physical or abusive may require disengagement or even outside intervention.

We can only hope to receive similar courtesy in return. It is our grand hope that we can all keep smiling and do good work for a very long time.

That is what makes being in a service business all worthwhile.

Some believe that the world is becoming more abrupt, rude and condescending, but that really is nothing new. There have always been people with bad manners, else why would Emily Post have written the book "Etiquette" almost 100 years ago.

** You can buy the 19th edition of Etiquette on Amazon. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone read it?

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
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