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10 years in 18 months - Lodging Newsletter August 31, 2021

By Wm, May
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10 years in 18 months

Do you feel like you have lived 10 years in the last 18 months?

We certainly do. When rentals plummeted in February 2020, who knew that by early summer, travelers would figure out what many others have always known - staying in a vacation rental home is safe, secure, roomy and private. Especially in drive-to destinations.

For our tireless team, that has meant double the work, shorter deadlines, more visitors per home, more cleaning, cancellations and rebookings, and hundreds of phone hours, answering questions from those folks new to vacation renting. (Lovingly called "Newbies.")

It is wonderful to introduce new people to a lodging option our guests have loved for decades.

A recent meeting of leading vacation rental managers from across the country, showed that the Newbie trend was happening in most areas. A representive from a giant vacation rental advertising website, said their research showed the guest market size has now grown as much as 50%.

For two decades, we have noticed that once guests experience a vacation rental, they rent them repeatedly. That is good news for anyone owning a vacation rental, providing, of course, that they have a manager who knows how to reach all those people.

We, on the other hand, are not complaining about all that extra work, because it shows owners we were prepared, both for the downturn and, more importantly, for the upswing. Those folks have been smiling with the extra money we are sending their way.


In addition to thousands of hours every month taking care of properties and guests, we spend many more hours answering comments from owners and guests. So we like to turn them into questions for clear response.

Q: When did your company start? Who owns the company.

A: Our first office opened in 1964. All key managers are partners.

Q: How long have your people been working there?

A: All key partners average 10 to 40 years in business.

Q: Who are your competitors?

A: Local managers who may do a decent job cleaning homes. Or out-of-town corporate managers who have technical advertising and pricing.

Q: So why hire you?

A: We are a hybrid manager - locally owned with a network that does Dynamic pricing and more advertising than the giant guys.

Q: What commission do you charge?

A: Depends on the house, location, amenities and services you choose. One size does not fit all.

Q: What kind of income can I expect?

A: Show us the house and we'll estimate your income and quote a fee.

Q: What factors influence income?

A: How tub, quality furniture & furnishings, Cable TV & Internet, etc. We can help outfit the home.

Q: Tell me about housekeeping and maintenance?

A: We achieve high hospitality cleaning and instant maintenance. We do all the work.

Q: Who pays for housekeeping?

A: Out-cleans are charged to the guests. We recommend deep cleans twice a year, which you can do or we will.

Q: How is maintenance done?

A: Our staff can handle many tasks. Larger jobs may require a licensed electrician, plumber, etc. There is no markup on such costs.

Q: What amenities do you provide for guests?

A: Guests are given a starter supply of toiletries and sundries. Owners may buy this stock or we deliver at cost.

Q: Who takes care of guest requests or issues? What happens if guests misbehave?

A: We do and are available 24-7-365. Guests who disobey rules are required to depart.

Q: Is there any limit on my use of my home?

A: No, we only ask that if you block it, you use it.

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0829 – 08/31/21

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