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Dirty Little Secret - Lodging Newsletter October 31, 2021

By Wm, May
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Dirty Little Secret

Whether they say it aloud or not, every vacation rental guests worries that the home they rent won't be clean or clean enough. So providing high hospitality grade housekeeping isn't just a good idea. It is absolutely essential.

Recently a new vacation home owner carped, "Why does it cost so much?" She figured that cheap cleaning would increase bookings and maybe even rates. But guests actually fear cheap housekeeping. They are reassured by paying for the level of clean they expect.

Then she wanted to compare what she pays to have her full time residence cleaned each week to cleaning a vacation home. But that is like comparing college football to the pros. Vacation rentals are no place for amateurs.

Does her housekeeper do the laundry for 8, 10 or 12 people; sometimes washing them twice to eliminate unspeakable stains and liquids? Do they do windows, scrape ovens, and spot clean carpets? Do they get down on their knees to scrub hard surfaces? Does she leave stacks of dishes, pots and pans with caked on food? Does her housekeeper work weekends on an irregular schedule, often on short notice?

She refused to accept that managers must pay payroll taxes, mileage and benefits. (It is illegal to pay people under the table.) Is her home in a rural place that requires long distance commuting?

Some guests make cleaning easy and others - not so much. Some leave late, causing staff to wait and wait. Some practically force their way in hours before their scheduled arrival. That can make cleaning time uncomfortably short between bookings.

All of this caused me to wonder why residential housekeeping companies never take on vacation rental cleaning. So I took a close look at their websites and there it was - the answer.

Although they all brag about the quality of their work, they have an absurdly long list of tasks they refuse to do. Every one of which are absolutely required for vacation rental cleaning. See the next page for that list.

It is no wonder vacation rental cleaning requires far more work and why we are so thankful to all the wonderful folks who help us keep homes clean and ready for the next family to arrive.


Tasks that regular housekeeping companies REFUSE to do.

No laundry ever. No towels, linens, bath mats, etc.

No barbecue cleaning. No tank swapping.

No bodily fluids cleanup (vomit, poop, semen, etc.)

No carpet or rug cleaning (Other than vacuuming).

No carpet stain removal or touchup. No hardwood floor scrubbing.

No ceiling or track light cleaning.

No minor repairs such as due to damage or wear.

No clutter rearranging or clutter pick up.

No cupboard cleaning or lining.

No deck or patio cleaning. No cement cleaning.

No defrosting or cleaning freezers.

No degreasing stove top hood.

No dishes, pots or pan cleaning.

No dishwasher cleaning. No dishwasher emptying.

No fireplace cleaning. No ash removal.

No fire or water damage restoration.

No furniture touch up.

No garbage can sanitizing or garbage removal.

No handyman repairs.

No hardwood refinishing. No hardwood repair.

No Hot Tub & no Pool cleaning. No chemicals or water exchanges.

No ice maker cleaning.

No irrigation management (Sprinklers).

No knick knack cleaning.

No oven auto cleaners.

No painting, not even touch up.

No grounds patrol. No pet feces pickup. No pet stains cleaning.

No porch or patio cleaning.

No shower curtain cleaning.

No sink trap cleaning.

No roof or gutter cleaning.

No small appliances cleaning or repair.

No tile grout cleaning.

No unclogging drains and pipes.

No duct or vent cover cleaning.

No water faucet descaling.

No window washing. No patio door track cleaning.

No wood scratch or damage repair.

No yard and walk cleaning. No cigarette pick up.

And a dozen more . . .

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0852 – 10/31/21

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