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Problem Solving - Lodging Newsletter November 30, 2021

By Wm, May
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Problem Solving

Please be warned.

As the year marches on, it is high time to expose some unusual events and hidden secrets of the smallest kind. They are invisible behaviors that only a very few people know and even less would ever discover.

These are actions that are kept hidden away, not admitted, not promoted, not recognized with accolades, and not even known to our clients.

So, here is the secret:

We have a team of incredible, reliable and conscientious people.

And have had for decades.

These are the folks who have worked together long and hard, who have marched forward for decades every day of the year, and who did exactly the same thing even as Mr. Covid barged into their lives intent on making their always difficult jobs far more so.

Small competitors failed. Big competitors tripped up. But our business accelerated because our people did.

We are so lucky to employ these wonderful folks who have never waivered during these odd times. So it is time to expose just a few of their super secrets.


These are secrets of the not very rich and not very famous who deserve to be both rich and famous. Here then we tell everyone a few of the scenarios that have taken place while everyone else cowered down.

Careless Contractor - An owner with a newly built home was understandably unhappy with her contractor when severe winter storms blew water sideways into and around every improperly sealed door. In the middle of the maelstrom, one of our resourceful maintenance pros caulked every possible crevice. That avoided thousands of dollars in damage.

Lost Every Key - When a guest managed to lock every key they were given inside the house at 2AM, a chipper staff member jumped out of bed, drove 20 miles, and provided yet another key. A simple thing that other managers shirk, but we do not.

Surprise Visit - When Covid came unannounced, every field staff member double-checked every step in our hospitality clean service, and continued to clean and host guests from far and wide. No one got sick. Now, two years later the caution has never lessened.

Rate Riding - During Covid, big managers had major layoffs, but our rate experts manned the fort and were well ahead in the game as business resumed. Others sold out at half price. We sold out at double price. All because team members never waived.

Double Up - Owners loved that occupancy and rates went up so fast, but accounting, the guest services and after hours help also doubled. No staffer complained because it simply had to be done.

Stepping Up - Covid caused housekeepers for many rent-by-owners to jump ship, leaving those owners with bookings and no help. Even though they were not yet clients, our team helped all they could and on short notice. Just the neighborly thing to do.

Lost in Space - A mother feared she had lost her baby's favorite stuffed animal, until staff found it, cherished it, and rushed to her by overnight shipping. It made Mom as happy as it made us.

Early Bird - When the guest arrived a full day early to a home vacated that very morning, our team of professionals rushed to the house to ready it yet again, with no notice. Sure, they were ready to go home, but more ready to help a guest with no place to go.

Over and Over - At the height of the pandemic, when one home's bookings cancelled and rebooked seven times, reservation staff retained their cheerful helpful voices and even produced ever higher rates. More work, but more income for the owner.

Government Grab - As cities and counties adopt silly time-consuming regulations one of our leaders burned the midnight oil to provide mounds of documents and did it with heaps of happy attention to detail.

Simply Service - Guests could not decipher the TV remote controls at 1AM and demanded help. Not only did the manager drive to the house to help, she made the guests believe she was enjoying the experience. Because she did, and always does.

If you guess this newsletter was not really written for property owners, you are correct. It fact it is a salute to the amazing people who work here. Thanks to all of them.

Author: Wm, May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0853 – 11/30/21

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