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Lodging Newsletter February 20, 2009

By William May
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Yes the economy is affecting luxury travel like Vacation Rentals. Some markets are getting hit harder than others. From our perspective the biggest challenge in predictability. Guests seem to be booking more last-minute but the inquiries keep coming. With a bit of luck, more 12 hour days and our continued marketing expansion we hope to get every owner the maximum bookings possible. Only time will tell.

We continue to take new marketing steps. With enough inquiries we'll get enough bookings. Attached is a Press Release. We have entered into a marketing agreement with Resort Quest and this will mean exposure on their website www.ResortQuest.com. This is a nice honor. We are the only firm in the State of Washington to be invited.

Attached - - ResortQuest Press Release.

This company has been doing medium to longer term rentals for corporate stays and now we have partnered up with them to do short-term stays in their facilities. And they have first class condos in downtown Seattle and elsewhere around Puget Sound. This is a growing area.

Work continues on our project for the first Multiple-Listing-Service (MLS) for vacation rentals. Its an bland websites with a big purpose - a central place where all vacation rentals can be listed for easy distribution to advertising websites. You can see it at www.VRMLS.org.

The first trial website is in Beta testing at www.VacationRentals.ws (The WS is for Washington State !). Yes you'll find typos and the data is for test purpose, but all Sunspot owners and properties are listed for free. Once launched we are aiming for 1,000 rentals around the state. And then our other national sites will start coming on line.

On Kauai, we have partnered up with Teresa Daher and Tradewind Realty. She has been a leading agent on Kauai for years handling sales and property management. Now she is taking over our portfolio and adding her own.

And we have some other major announcements coming. Thanks to Penny, Lynnette, Joseph, Collin, Dan, Tyrone and Amber in the main office for all the fast and furious work they are doing. And to the local staffs for pushing through the winter. Summer is rushing up on us.

Wm. May
Sunspot Inns, Resorts & Vacation Rentals
Voice: 888-628-8989 x902
Email: William@Sunspots.info.

Author: William May – Manager, Sunspot Vacation Rentals
Blog #: 0861 – 04/18/09

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