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Lodging Update November 30th, 2018

By Wm. May
Published: 12/24/18 Topics: Advertising, Dynamic Pricing, Government, Online Travel Agents (OTAs) Comments:

In 1977 Gilda Radner, one of the original cast members from the first years of the "Saturday Live" television sow, invented a character that made her famous.

Her "Roseanne Roseannadan" was a recurring chaacter on their "Weekend Update" feature offering consumer reporting by reading a letter from a "Mr. Richard Feder, " form New Jersey, with a series of questions to which Roseannadanna then made deorgatory comments.

In later shows, for some inexpicable reason Mr. Feder moved to Mt. Saint Helens, Washington State ino ur neck of the woods.

Invaribly while answering the questions, Roseannadanna digressed, launching into stories haiving to do subjects which had nothing to do with the questions until - and finally - the news co-anchor Jane Curtin would inerept her saying with the cach phrase "Roseanne, you're making me sick"

Roseannadann would smrik and then pause and then conclude, "Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it's always something - if its not one thing, then its another."

It does seem odd now however, that forty years later, in business in general and our micro world of vacation rentals and lodging we still spend most every day deal within one thing or another.

This is an industry that onctinues to grow and morph an dchange and yes "It s always something."


Yes, in this industry it really is always something. Something unexpected, something unknown, something new..

REGUATIONS - After decades of operating alternative lodging for guests, cites and towns have begun to restrict, regulate and even prohibit vacation rentals osensibly because they take away affordable housing. It is silly to think that people with expensive second homes are going to rent them out long term for low rates. Its always something out of the blue..

OTAS - Online travel agents like Expedia, Homeaway, AirbnB and so many others are a great way to advertise but make no mistake they are all out to beat out each other. to guest by restrcting communications by requring guests to communicate using their closed-walled messaging systems. That means dozens of new systems to track and master. Its always something more complciated.

EXPECTATIONS - It is rumored that, decades ago, vacation rental customer service consisted of these words, "Here are the keeys, good luck." Today guests want quality furnshings, high speed internet, hot tubs, hotel grade mattresses and much much more. Its always something, so we provide it.


GOOGLE HOTELS - Wanting to dominate the world, Google is rolling out advertising where lodging oeprators can dispay their wares directly ont Google pages, possibly by passing those pesky OTA's. Its always something jiving.

ODD ADVERTISING - Ever heard of Glamping? Or Camping? And why would they have anything to do with vacation rentals. We'll websites with odd goals are becoming just another place for guests to find us. We must be diligently looking for the whatever is the new way that consumers are shopping.Its always something innovative.

RATES RACE - As use of dynamic pricing,a nd auoamted supply demand response, rent by owners and insufficiently distributed lodging operators rush to lower rates in a danagersou race to the bottom price. Wide adverting, creative imagery, instant service and more allow us to stay ahead of the pack. Its always something innovative.

LOCALIZE - Venture Capitaists are rushing into the vacation rental industry, but allow want to build global brands that rject the local hospitality that guests have come to prefer from vacation rentals. We use local brands, local partners and local tourims to provide more fun and more happiness Its always something local that is better.

FLEXIBILITY _ Unlike other managers with a "one-size fits all" approach we offer fleixlb programs from full-service Do-It-Yourself assitance and extra bookings. Its awlasy something that must fit what property owner clietns want.

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Author: Wm. May, Vortex Managers
Blog #: 0628 – 12/24/18
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